Sunday, September 6, 2009

Recipe: Grilled Peaches with Minty Yogurt Sauce

Peaches are one of my favorite parts of summer. When they are good, they are heaven. When they are bad, they are like a mushy, mealy, flavorless mess. Blech.

At the Farmer's Market this weekend (more on that later), we picked up some fabulous peaches. You know the kind, peachy smelling as well as firm, but ridiculous juicy. In short: Perfection.

When you've got the perfect peach, it needs very little adornment, like, for example, a minty-yogurt sauce and honey to enhance its natural sweet and freshness. The following is a perfect dessert for two me. :P


1 firm ripe peach, halved
1/2 c plain yogurt (low-fat or full-fat, your choice)
3 Tbsp chopped mint (I used Kentucky Colonel)
2 tsp brown sugar
honey, for drizzling

1. Grill peaches for about 5 minutes or until has grill marks and is slightly soften.
2. Mix yogurt, mint & brown sugar.
3. Top grilled peaches with minty yogurt sauce and a drizzle of honey.


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