Monday, September 21, 2009

Mark Your Calendar!

Fall can be a pretty slow time in the garden, especially if you aren't growing winter vegetables. You may want a bit of a break from harvesting and gardening or perhaps you'd like a little something to hold you over until spring.

Lots of goings on for fall round these parts:

Edible Gardening/Food-related:
At Brookside Gardens (Wheaton, MD)-
Sept 21, 7:30pm: Growing Fall Edibles

At US Botanic Gardens (aka USBG. DC)-
October 3, 1pm: Chocolate, A Consumer's Guide & Tasting

At Merrifield Garden Center (near Falls Church, VA)-
Sept 26- Intro to Cooking with Fresh Herbs

Ornamental Gardening-Related:
At Meadowlark Botanic Gardens (in Vienna, VA. Cost= Admission to gardens)-
October 3rd 10 am: Propagating and Growing Salvias
October 4, 2 p.m:
Tour of the Potomac Valley Native Plant Collection
October 10, 10 a.m: Ornamental Grasses Tour
October 17, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.: Re-blooming Iris Fall Show

Sept 26, 1pm: Tour of National Garden

Garden Photography-Related:
October 9, 6:30 pm: The Power of Natural Light

Other suggestions Food/Gardening-Related:
Go apple picking
Visit the National Arboretum
Plant spring bulbs
Watch Botany Desire (a GREAT book by Michael Pollan) on PBS on Oct 28th. Preview here.

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