Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Falls Church Farmer's Market

I'm probably going to kick myself later, but here it goes:

Falls Church Farmer's Market is awesome.

I used to be devoted to Eastern Market when I lived closer to it. I still like going there for all the arts and crafts but some of my favorite farmers aren't there anymore. The Court House Farmer's Market isn't bad (the berry people are awesome), but doesn't have a lot of selection. Then I discovered the Falls Church Farmer's Market which has tons of produce and meat vendors as well as local coffee roasters, sorbet/gelato makers, plant purveyors and bakers. Oh, and Virginia Master Gardeners to answer any questions about pests or plants you might have!

But mostly, I go to the Falls Church Market for this:
What is it? Only the most deliciously fantastic thing that will ever pass your lips: The chocolate-almond croissant. Perfect for those times when you cannot decide between a chocolate croissant & an almond croissant. Heaven. Check out the chocolate and almondy layers:
(This also probably includes an entire stick of butter. But that is why I walk to the farmer's market!)

There is lots of loveliness to be had at the market, but it gets pretty packed, so go early! I think I'm going to exchange our CSA for the farmer's market next year. I plan to expand our garden to cover most of our veggie needs but we will need to pick up a few things that we don't or can't grow.


  1. I think that same bakery is at the Dupont Circle market. So on Sunday I bought one of those chocolate almond croissants, per your recommendation. Holy cow, it was so good.

  2. That is the same bakery as in Dupont Circle market! My first day of work for that bakery involved working at the Falls Church market. The chocolate almond croissants ARE sinful...

    Of all the places I have worked in the food industry, that's one of the only ones I feel comfy recommending to a random passer-by. Bonaparte Breads is awesome! They won Best DC Area Bakery or somesuch award when I worked for them in 2006.

    Does Chris the crab guy still go to Falls Church, too? He's also at Dupont, now.

  3. Not sure about Chris the crab guy as I go to the Farmer's Market on a mission: baked goods & veg!

    Also,is it wrong that I wouldn't care if that crossiant came from the dirtest kitchen in the US? It's sooooooooo gooooooooddd.