Monday, September 21, 2009

CSA Monday! *Honey* Edition

I'll admit it: I'm getting a bit burned out on summer vegetables. The thing I'm looking forward to most with dark, leafy greens and root vegetables. But, today's the last day of summer so it's fitting I'm still getting summery goodness plus a healthy dose of liquid gold.

Here's the haul:
sweet potatoes, honey!!!, summer squash, corn, cucumber, eggplant and lettuce.

The Plan:
I'm going to put up the squash and eggplant by grilling and then freezing them. I really can't fathom eating more squash or eggplant or tomatoes right now. Seriously.

Salad for lunch

Mark Samuelsson's Jerk Chicken: The husband is going to make this. The recipe in our cookbook calls for roasting the chicken over sweet potatoes and parsnips. Will serve this with some pikliz.

I'm also going to make a double batch of split pea soup this weekend and go apple picking (so some appley and honey-y desserts may take place).'s it. We've been pretty lame with our meal planning lately. Sorry guys!


  1. I have tried so hard to cook eggplant in a way that I enjoy it. It hasn't worked. I love it when others cook it, but I just can't make it happy for me. Sigh.

    I can't WAIT for turnips and more sweet potatoes and potatoes and stored apples and onions from the farmers' market! I stopped going because I just have too many veggies from Bull Run and the Youth Garden... I don't want to spend money if I know something else is just going to go to waste!

  2. Are you over cooking? My husband *hates* when the eggplant gets mushy. He can't stand the texture.

    How do you feel about baba ghanouj? It's a roasted eggplant dip that's easy to make and you don't have to worry about the texture (it gets mushed up with tahini & such & gives a smokey taste)

  3. I love babaghanouj! I have tried to make it, with disastrous results (worse than my chunky hummus, by far). I have tried undercooking, overcooking, all types of eggplant cooking--it just hasn't worked out well for me. It's fine chopped up in tiny bits and simmered in a tomato sauce for pasta, but other than that, I haven't enjoyed it. :-(