Monday, September 28, 2009

CSA Monday! Watermelon Edition

I walk to pick up our CSA. Let me tell you...walking a mile with a watermelon in your sack is not fun. But thanks to the glorious fall-ish weather, I didn't break a sweat! The jerk chicken from last week was good. The jerk seasoning was also nice on the sweet potatoes. I really like to spice up my sweet potatoes. When I make sweet potato fries I usually add chili powder.

The Haul:
Watermelon, huge zucchini, cucumber, Italian basil, Thai basil, huge sweet potatoes, garlic and lettuce mix

The Plan:

Spicy Vegetable Red Sauce with Pasta: Basically, I'm just using of the squash and eggplant from last week that I shamefully didn't get around to using along with the mammoth zucchini from the week. Add in some garlic, onions, crushed red pepper and a can of tomatoes and it's good eatin'. For an army.

Ham Feast: Roasted sweet potatoes, ham and Southern-style greens spiked with cider vinegar.

Kra Pow with Bok Choy: To use the Thai basil. And hot peppers from the garden. This is the husband's lunch.

"Greek" Watermelon Salad
: Maybe for this weekend's lunch? Sounds interesting.

Watermelon Rind Pickles: If I've got the time, maybe something else I'll give a whirl this weekend. I've never had them, but love all things pickled.


  1. I made watermelon mimosas recently, and they were really good. I hightly reccomend them. The mimosas would have been even better with a little mint.

    The watermelon rind pickles seem like so much work to me - the Bitten Word made them once, and the project overtook their kitchen. But if you have the time, then why not?


  2. Huh. We got pumpkins, no cucumber or watermelon (although I was a bit spacy yesterday, so I may have just missed them). I'm glad, however--that end of the curcurbit family causes me death from allergies!

    I think I will make a pumpkin/sweet potato soup puree. Yummers!