Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happiest of all Hours

Yesterday I attended (ahem, crashed) the DC Food Bloggers Happy Hour at Poste. It was awesome meeting others really, really excited about food. Oh, and the truffle fries were fabulous.

To Jenna at ModernDomestic, Mary at The Arugula Files, Amelia at Gradually Greener, Martha at A Measured Memory, Mer at Wicked Cranberry , Katie whom I know will be starting a food blog of her own soon, Stephanie at Sassy Dining, Olga at Mango and Tomato, Lisa at Dining in DC, and all the other great food bloggers at the event: It was great meeting you!

And, I've got more sage. No, seriously...I do. It's U-Pick and you'll have to truck out to the wilds of Arlington to get it....


  1. It was great to meet you last night! A few people on the Metro asked me about the pretty herb bouquet and mentioned that it matched my bag :)

    I put the herbs in a glass of water before running off dancing...hope they'll still be alive today.

  2. Great to meet you as well! And thanks for the lovely basil. What a fun thing to bring along!

  3. Dirty Radish - it was awesome of you to bring us gifts. My sage is still on my counter waiting for a job. Looking forward to seeing you again at the next happy hour.