Monday, August 3, 2009

CSA Monday! Ground Cherry Addition!

No blogging this weekend due to feeling a bit poorly. But now I'm on the mend and almost able to taste food again! (Nose is still a little stuffy)

But this week's CSA haul is *exciting.* Why? Two words, mis amigos, two words: ground cherries. As you know, I got some ground cherry seedlings from my CSA. However, I have not netted them and I fear that the birds get to them before I do.

I've got corn (4), tomatoes (3 huge ones), tomatillos (8), ground cherries! (16), garlic (1), basil, ground cherries! (16), squash (1), bell pepper (1 small), and eggplant (1).

Last week, the bean enchiladas with mole didn't happen b/c I got sick and the husband wasn't feelin' like cooking. I can report, though, that the rest of it was delicious! This week the plan is:

Grilled Steak Tacos: Marinated then grilled london broil topped with tomatillo salsa and onions, rolled up in a corn tortilla and served with corn-tomato-black bean salad. Ole!

Ratatouille: Eggplant, squash, bell pepper, tomatoes and herbs (thyme & parsley from the garden, basil from CSA) all cooked up together into one fantastic summer stew.

Snackin': Ground cherries! Just pop out of their skins & eat! It's my dessert tonight actually. They kind of taste like persimmons to me. So delicious. Makes me want to go out & net mine. Except I'm kinda feeling lazy right now.

I should be back tomorrow hopefully after finding out what is ailing two of my tomato plants. Fingers crossed it doesn't start with "late" and end with "blight"...

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