Monday, July 27, 2009

CSA Monday! Big Basil Edition

This week I got 2 ginormous handfuls of basil: one thai basil & one italian basil. Honestly, between the CSA & my garden I'm running out of ideas of what to do with it! I've already made 2 batches of pesto and froze 12 1/4 c disks of it chopped. But, I'm not sick of it yet!

Honestly, we're getting more produce then we can handle now. It's a bit tricky to use it up every week. Our CSA started out a bit scant because of the uber rainy spring. But now? Whoa!

Here's this week's haul:

Corn (4), italian basil, squash, thai basil, fresh garlic (1), purslane, tomatoes (2 huge ones!) and potatoes (7).

This week the plan is:

Pizza Margherita- Homemade pizza crust, tomatoes, mozzarella and italian basil.

Thai Chicken Stir-fry- My husband is using the thai basil to make an improvised kra pow chicken.

Vegetable Stew- Imagine the filling of a pot pie without the crust. Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of crusts. I've taken some of the potatoes leftover from last week and added some leftover carrots, leftover cooked broccoli, handful of frozen peas, mushrooms and onions. Just make a roux and add chicken stock and thyme from the garden. It's pretty delicious. And mostly healthy. Throwing together bits & bobs into a meal is what I'm famous for!

Corn and Black Bean Enchiladas with Mole- We love mole. We vacationed in Oaxaca, Mexico to taste it from where it started. I found some great jarred stuff for the mole poblano. It's not as good as homemade, but it's not bad. We're going to roll some tortillas around corn & black beans and onions, pour on mole and top with cheese. Maybe if we have a little chicken leftover somewhere I will put that in too. I'm going to add the purslane to some lettuce for a salad to serve along the enchiladas.


  1. I want tomatoes and corn!!!

    And I agree- huge bundles of basil every week is a bit too much for us. I can only take so much pesto :)

    I may bug you for your homemade pizza crust recipe. I am tired of buying ours.

  2. I want the pizza crust recipe, too, please! (Esp. if it is easy!!)

    Here is another way I've been using basil:
    Edamame Succotash Salad (epicurious) (can't get it to paste here...)

    -Melissa M