Monday, July 20, 2009

CSA Monday! No Cabbage Edition

After 3 weeks (?) of getting a cabbage the size of my head, my husband was surprisingly disappointed in not getting a cabbage this week. He very much was looking forward to making Pilkliz.

Here's the haul:
1 medium broccoli, 1 massive zucchini, 7 potatoes the size of my fist, 1 cucumber, 1 fresh garlic, 1 globe (?) eggplant, and as much basil & oregano as I can eat.

Compared perhaps to last week, this week's meal plan is kinda lame but sometimes you just feel like making the obvious with the ingredients & just keeping everything simple!:

Baked Falafel Sandwiches
: Frozen chickpeas (I make a large batch of dried & freeze) formed into patties will be drizzled with a cucumber taziki sauce and topped with lettuce (from grocery) and tomatoes (from garden). Maybe I'll heat up some frozen corn too. I love fafalel's with corn a la the one I had in the Hague. All stuffed into a whole wheat pita. Yum.

Baked Potatoes & Cheesy Broccoli: When I was little I would only eat broccoli if it was smothered in cheese. Times have changed (I like broccoli all sorts of ways now), but I still love it most with cheddar. Throw it on top of a baked potato & you've got a fast & fabulous dinner or weekend lunch.

Jerk Chicken with Pikliz and Grilled Eggplant & Zuc. I bought a small cabbage at the grocery store to make my husband's dream of Pikliz a reality. We'll use (blasphemously) some cayenne peppers from the garden in it instead of scotch bonnet. Since the grill will already be fired up for the chicken, might as well throw on the nightshade veg. It's my favorite way to have them anyways.

Marinara. My husband has honed his signature recipe. It involves canned tomatoes, caramelized onions, plenty of garlic and fresh basil & oregano.

If I was going to be interesting with my meals this week, I think I would have done some sort of potato-zucchini gratin and maybe some kind of indian curry with the eggplant and make a condiment out of the cucumber. But grilled veg just sounds so good.

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