Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fall Planting Calendar

As you know, you need to buy your fall seeds ASAP. It may be even too late, depending where you are and what you want to plant. I've been having a hard time figuring out when to actually plant fall crops. The problem is that after a frost, some plants will die. So there is a very final part of the growing season.

For Arlington, it looks like the average first frost date is mid-October.

Um, ok. So what does that mean? Different plants have different germination times and different number of days to maturity. It can get very confusing, very fast.

I was scratching my head about this whole thing & decided to procrastinate by looking at gardening blogs. What I tend to do is find a blog I like, then read all their posts. THEN, I look at their blog roll, find a blog from there I like, and read all those posts. This method, unbeknown to me, lead to my solution. I stumbled across Skippy's Vegetable Garden blog....which had a Fall Planting Calendar.

Just put in your average last frost date & click "Generate Fall Planting Calender"! Score!

I'm a little late on some things, but I wasn't planning to plant them anyway. I love how this takes a large hunk of the guesswork (and math) out of fall crops.

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