Monday, August 17, 2009

CSA Monday! Big, Blue Potato Edition

We got *another* 7 blue potatoes from our CSA. Add that to the 7 we got last week and I didn't use (that's right, the Provencal Potatoes didn't happen. Honestly, I was a little weirded out by the thought of blue potatoes and orange Sungolds all in one dish. It would be like eating a UF student...I did however make roasted Provencal-style vegetables and served them with a lovely whole wheat couscous with garbanzo beans tossed in. THAT *was* fantastic).

Here's the haul this week:

ground cherries (not pictures b/c I ate them on the way home. 20), corn (2), tomatoes (9), peppers (2), basil, mint, garlic (1), squash (1 huge one) and...the previously-alluded-to 7 blue potatoes.

The Plan:
Since the husband isn't going to be around for dinner most nights this week...
  • Tapas night: 1 part friends, 1 part alcohol and 1 part produce. Shake it all together and you've got a good happy hour! The food: Bruschetta (with CSA tomatoes & basil), tapenade, & herbed goat cheese (with herbs from the garden) to be spread (separately) on the carb of choice (bread/crackers), Patatas azules sin Bravas (roasted blue potatoes with aioli, no bravas sauce), something squash-related and turkey meatballs. The beverages: lemon-lavender vodka tonics, Pimm's cups, & lemon balm iced tea (for those that have to drive)
  • Nachos: Call this a secret single supper. I certainly ate more random crap for dinner in my single days and when the mister is not going to be home from dinner, I indulge. I love my nachos LOADED. This week, I'm going to use the peppers (plus some hotter ones in the garden) to kick up some black beans. Cheddar, onions, tomatoes, corn off-the-cob and sour cream with also be toppings. Delicioso!
  • Caffeinated mint tea: Because I can't have enough tea in the summer. Especially when I've got a long weekend of busting up our clay-y soil ahead of me.


  1. I just found your blog via Gradually Greener--I think we have the same CSA! Although I pick mine up tonight in Dupont Circle. Must say I'm a fan of the veggies, but you're right, I can't figure out what to do with everything every week, so I'm glad I clicked here--easy, fun recipes!

  2. Kenneth- do you have Bull Run Mountain? If so, we're CSA twins!