Sunday, August 16, 2009

Postcard from US National Cathedral

I hadn't been to the National Cathedral. Until now, that is! It seems like a very, very old building, but it's not. The stained glass I found quite unusual as some of it is almost Picasso-esque One window in particular was out of place was of planets and stars!

While the cathedral itself is lovely and has great views of the city, I was far more enchanted by the gardens. I was unaware that there were any gardens there, but they are very nice. The sort of place you'd like to bring a little snack and a good book and spend a few hours of a nice afternoon. They are a traditionally monastery style.

Here are some more photos (click to make bigger):

Here's my favorite part, though. Something that I might add to my garden: A collection of thymes! Look how lovely the textures and color mix. Love it!

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