Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WaPo's Garden Calendar

Live in the greater DC area? Ever wonder what tasks you should be doing each month to keep your garden and yard lookin' good?

Enter the Washington Post's Gardening Calendar.

For August, the tasks at hand are:
  • Order spring bulbs
    I've looked longingly at the bulbs available at Dutch Gardens. Especially the double daffodils...
  • Conduct lawn soil test
    This is a "husband task" as the lawn is his baby.
  • Cut back perennials/freshen garden
    Hmph. Maybe I'll do that next weekend. Most of my perennials are still looking OK. Plus, by then, I think I'll be able to remove some spent tomato plants.
  • Pull up clumps of crabgrass
    Done! Kinda. The husband started to do this, but then got stung by a bee. Sooo...
The calendar has tasks for every month so check back often. Also handy? They tell you what is flowering.

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  1. We at Washington Gardener Magazine have a monthly local garden task list to - online as part of our Enewsletter - see here:
    or directly here:
    I thin you may find it a bit more updated (aka modern) and thorough.