Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Seed Starting Update

It's that time folks: Hardening off time!

I hear that by the end of next week my garden should be no longer a construction zone and my plant babies can be put snuggly in their raised beds. This year, I didn't have a freak aphid infestation like last year. Whew! However, my sweet peppers failed to germinate. They were new seed so I think I did something wrong. Like let them dry out. In fact, remembering to water has been my biggest issue with my indoor seeds this year. I always think that I watered them yesterday until I pass by and see them sulking. If they were teenagers, I'm sure they'd slam the door at me.

In fact, in the photo above, you may notice some sulking tomatoes and basil. Yep, I waited too many days between watering! Again. I'm sure they'll pop back with a bit of love and actual sunshine. Oh, and water.

Despite my neglectfulness, the baby plants are looking pretty good. In fact, I've got flowers on all my squash (have been for weeks), one of my ground cherries and one of my tomatoes.

I'm really looking forward to summer!


  1. Wow, your plants are HUGE compared to my little seedlings. Only one of my cossack pineapples has a true leaf, and they are 5.5 weeks old.

  2. P- Weird! That's about as old as mine are, I think. I do, after they have a set of true leaves, give them a diluted kelp-fish emulsion fertilizer (I do about 50% of recommended concentration). I fertilize with this about every 2-3 weeks. Maybe that's it? I have no clue how they would be without it...maybe that's an experiment for next year.

  3. Yours are huge! My seedlings are still very small, despite starting them last month. I've been hardening them off, just the same, but yesterday took a toll on them. Poor wee babies are going to stay inside a little longer.