Monday, May 31, 2010

I Owe You An Apology

Dear Neighborhood Squirrels,

I owe you all an apology. I have blamed you for eating my strawberries, taking one bite out of my tomatoes and other garden crimes. I know now that you likely did not commit these crimes as I never saw you in my garden; I just assumed it was you. Mammalian stereotyping is wrong. I know that now.

I saw yesterday a chipmunk committing all these crimes. It was only my second sighting of a chipmunk in my whole life and I just saw him enter the garden area, groom in preparation for a feast and then hop right through the bunny-proof fence in the strawberry patch. Watching him methodically pick and subsequently consume a strawberry lets me know this was not his first time.

So, again, I am very sorry for repeatedly accusing you of these crimes.


The Dirty Radish Family


  1. Oh! I've been blaming the squirrels (and have yet to see a chipmunk in my yard...they may not even live in VA, I don't know) but perhaps I've got a stealthy one eating my strawberries and taking 1 bite out of my tomatoes. I have opened my mind just a teensy bit...

  2. Kate- I'm in Arlington, VA so they are definitely here! I just think they are sneakier (and smaller) than squirrels so they do lots of mischief that we tend to blame on the squirrels.