Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garden photos

It's funny how things look so tiny & puny but in just a few months they will significantly bigger and starting to set fruit. Right now, my tomatoes are flowering and I've got several fruits on the ground cherries already.
Garlic & cucumber trellises in foreground. Those tall stalks in the back are also garlic.

Zucchini, more garlic and some random kale that may or may not die soon.

Lemon verbena, ground cherries & blueberries. All netted before the birds can get at them!

Um, did I say blueberries?! Yes, I did. I bought 2 mature-ish blueberry bushes because the husband (well, let's just say he's not alone...) was getting impatient waiting for the 2 sticks I bought last year to set fruit.

I've been thinking about how to deal with this purchase in my garden total. Unlike most of my crops, these blueberry bushes will last for years and, as they mature, they will produce more fruit. I am *highly* unlikely to get $70 worth of fruit this year and it seems a bit unfair, if I keep this experiment going, that future year's blueberry harvest would be counted cost-free. So, I've decided to spread the cost of the bushes ($70 total) over 5 years (so, $14/year). Why? Because we plan on staying in this house at least 5 more years and I figured 5 was a good, "round" number. Thus, the new grand total of 2010 garden costs is:


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