Thursday, May 6, 2010

Harvest Update: Arugula

Sometimes flowers aren't good things. Namely, any kind of flower bud on your lettuces, spinach or arugula. This is a sign of bolting, which lettuces tend to do when it gets hot out (and it's hot here. Did I mention I don't have AC right now? Fun times in the Radish Household...), and just means they will start to taste bitter. Still edible, but bitter. Thus, when I spied a few buds forming, I knew their time was limited and harvesting needed to happen. Here's the result:

A solid 12.75 oz (I zero'd out the weight of the bowl) of crunchy, peppery goodness. That would cost me about $4 at the Farmer's Market (usually arugula is about $5/lb). Since my seeds were probably less than $2 and this is my second harvest, I'd say arugula wins a "Plant This & It Will Actually Save You Money" award. Especially because I just threw some seeds in a pot & watered them a bit. Easy peasy & something any apartment/condo dweller with a patio or balcony and a bit of light can do.

What am I going to do with this bounty? A deconstructed arugula pesto over pasta with chicken for about half of it for tonight. The other half I'm not so sure about. I'm thinking maybe adding to sandwiches or maybe an omelet for the weekend. I have good luck with keeping all manner of leafy greens good for several days in the salad spinner in the fridge.


  1. Oooh, that sounds good! Will you post the recipe?

  2. Of course! I'm going to make it for dinner tonight & do a post w/ photos of the finished product! :)