Sunday, May 16, 2010

Update: Garden Planted!

Well, most of it. The soaker hose still needs to be placed into it for when the rain barrel runs out and the rain stops.

Why does planting always take longer than I anticipate? I mean, I figure, I've got a plan and my plants are all ready but it take hours. Maybe part of it is that something always comes up. This year, it was netting the ground cherries right off the bat so my laziness wouldn't result in the birds getting all the fruit. This turned into my husband fashioning a support structure for bird netting out of old tiki torches and bamboo from our neighbor that fell into our yard after a snow storm this winter. As a bonus, this will also protect our blueberry bushes (more on that later...)

Overall, though, construction has taken its toll on the garden. Clay was shoveled into the bed, strawberries were smothered, and random debris was thrown into the beds. My garden plan taking aesthetics into account was scrapped when one of my beds became inaccessible.

I'll post photos tomorrow. It's dark now & the pregnant lady is tired from all the bending, stooping and reaching...


  1. I like planting. It makes me feel so incredibly hopeful.

  2. Enjoyed your pictures of English gardens! Since you like gardening, google: Wynnie's Urban Oasis This girl transformed her whole backyard. Good read & lovely pics. I posted this before but don't think it got thru. Happy Gardening, Karen