Friday, April 30, 2010

Garden Update!

Well, my garden proper is still a construction zone with dirt piled up waist-high all along the walkways and creeping a bit into the beds. I'm glad I covered the beds with row cover to protect them from the compacted clay invasion!

But the pots on the other side of my house are seriously trucking along. This is about the south side of the house so it gets pretty good sun this time of year (in a month...not so much).

Arugula needing another harvest/thinning:
Carrots trucking along:
Greek mountain oregano getting ridiculously huge. These are 2 plants that started off last year in a 2" pot. And they looked pretty puny all last year.
Misshapen sage bush, now flowering. Anyone want any sage?!? This also started off last spring as a small plant.
Chive flower bud. I've never tasted a chive flower before...looking forward to the opportunity!
Interestingly enough, the bunnies haven't touched the arugula. Is it because it's peppery tasting? Because it's in a 16"-ish tall pot? Because they are super lazy? A few days ago I observed 3 bunnies (simultaneously) hanging out just feet away from the pots. They spent most of the afternoon stretching, napping and grooming. Oh, and sampling my toad lilies. But at least this year they are keeping it to one plant instead of destroying a little bit of all the plants....

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