Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh, Irony!

I am a landscape design student. I am an avid gardener. I am an advocate of everyone connecting with the land around them.

I also am a severe allergy sufferer. Mostly, I am allergic to trees: ALL trees as once indicated by one of those tests they do at allergist offices where they prick you with all sorts of things. But, oak tress (lovely oak trees!) they are my nemesis. That prick of the needle turned into a welt several inches across.

I never had allergies until I was 4 and we moved to Florida from North Carolina (which certainly has its share of oaks). My mom was first concerned with this weird rash that would appear on my neck and the bends of my arms and legs. She suspected strawberries. I remember the Spring Without Strawberries. Sadness. But when the rash didn't go away, lucky for my stomach, strawberries were ruled out.

It took several years for us to notice that the rash (along with an itchy throat, overly crusty eyes in the AM, runny nose, etc.) came around the time my grandma's oak put out its catkins. Sigh.

Spring has always been the most devilish season for me! I love the cooler weather and all the flowers. And, now that I'm in Yankee territory, I'm always wanting to be outside after the long winter. This year has been *intense.* Not only the elevated pollen counts due to the wet winter and warmer spring temps, but also I can't take my usual allows-me-to-function medicinal cocktail because none of them have been approved for pregnant ladies. I'm barely holding on with some OTC Claritin and a neti pot.

So, here's to hoping for more rainy days with some high (but not too high) winds to get this pollen down!

Any other allergy sufferers out there? How are you fairing this year?


  1. Ah!! I know how you feel! Zyrtec and the Netipot are my best friends right now. Ugh. Allergies stink especially because after a long winter it's so nice to enjoy the better weather!

  2. Ahh, you have my sympathy. I've developed spring allergies over the past few years, but just the sneezy kind. This year's been about on par, neither horrid nor mild. Last weekend was kind bad, though - I spent so much time out in the garden and traipsing around DC's parks looking for morels, I guess I really inhaled a lot of allergens and have had a scratchy throat ever since.

    Hang in there!