Saturday, August 21, 2010

Need More Ideas for a Bumper Crop of Tomatoes?

You mean, besides tomato & hot pepper salsa, pasta with raw tomato sauce, gazpacho and Edisto tomato pie?!?!?

Well, there is BLT salad with homemade blue cheese dressing along with traditional BLTs taken up a notch with chipotle aioli. Or maybe you want to preserve them? Try canning or freezing them quartered. Another idea would be to oven roast and freeze those. If you happen to have a bumper crop of green tomatoes, there's always green tomato & apple chutney which is great with roasted or grilled chicken or pork or even aged sharp cheddar on crackers. And, finally, consider using sliced tomatoes instead of sauce on a pizza.

Enjoy the taste of summer, now and in the depths of, can and freeze!

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