Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Harvest Update

Nothing thrilling going on in the garden these days. Squash are making lots of boy flowers (but not enough to bother picking, stuffing & then frying...), Sungolds are finally putting out some baby tomatoes (that are still green) and the birds seem to have taken most of my sad-looking swiss chard seedings (oh, and some chocolate mint I transplanted for a cutting!) as nest-building material. I'm also continually pinching off new growth on the basil to get it to bush out instead of grow straight up. (When you pinch off a leaf pair on basil, the plant forks when it sets new growth, making it more of a bush & less of a tall stem with leaves on either side. You get more out of a bush, too.) But, things are getting bigger! It may feel like summer, but summer produce isn't here yet!

Today I harvested 2.5 oz of garlic scapes (the flower stalk of the garlic) and chives. Other herbs are in abundance, but I don't need them right now. Why? These lovelies are going into a bacon-goat-cheese-herb frittata tonight for dinner. And, the rest of the garlic scapes will go into a pesto destined for the freezer. I've still got probably another 20 or so garlic scapes to harvest, too!

I'm thinking soon (maybe Thursday?) doing a hard harvest of some sage and oregano. I'll throw them into the food dehydrator and make myself some dried herbs!

Anyway, by my estimation, I've harvested 1.23 lbs of produce which would have cost me about $9.23 at the farmer's market. The average cost per pound, though, is, umm..., $93.85!! Here's to hoping that number decreases by the end of the season!!!

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