Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Tomato of 2010!

And it wasn't my Sungold cherry!
The winner is the Stupice tomato. This guy is the only one that's red (or anywhere near being red). They are an earlier fruiting variety and this little fella is on the small side, so that does explain some of it. I don't plant larger fruiting tomatoes anymore because my yard just doesn't get enough sun for a good harvest.

Today I also picked a large bunch of basil to use in pasta tonight (total garden yield to date: 2.28 lbs). All of my herbs are doing extremely well and are probably what will keep my garden profitable! My zucchini is flowering but thus far they all look like male flowers. The cucumbers are starting to flower now, too...I really should have given them a bigger trellis!

Big zucchini plant, no actual zucchinis!

Mexican Sour Gherkins are flowering. Is that a girl flower?!?

Pickling cucumbers just starting to flower.

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