Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Big Harvest of 2010, Part 1: Garlic

We now have a garden window that, fittingly, looks out into our garden. This summer has been so hot & miserable for a pregnant lady that I admit I don't go out as often to check on things as I should. However, the window does give me a great view of what's going on so that I can spot if something looks like it needs water or is getting eaten by a bug or whatever. I may not venture out into the garden much, but I still try to do good integrated pest management!

Noticeably, my garlic needed to be pulled. Some I waited entirely too long for and the stalks were all dying back. Whoops. This garlic we'll consume immediately. For the rest where only 75% of so of the leaves were brown, I'll put that in a cool, dry and dark place for a couple of weeks to "cure" it. Then you can store it. Unfortunately, most of my garlic heads are pathetic. I have no idea why but am going to investigate the reason to remedy for next year. The few head that are good and large I'm going to save for fall planting this year. Maybe I'll get the rest of my garlic for planting from the farmer's market instead of mail order.

I've still got the garlic that I planted in the spring as an experiment, but that doesn't really look like it's doing any better than the fall planted...

The Haul: 15.75 oz

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