Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gardens Happen When LIfe Makes Other Plans, Too

Here are some updated photos of the garden:

And, today I harvested another 3 oz of garlic scapes, 1 oz of oregano and 2 oz of sage. The herbs are going into the food dehydrator and the garlic scapes are largely going into a freezer pesto.

I shall name this year's garden The Garden Of Least Resistance or, perhaps, the Garden That Happened When Life Got in the Way. I had grand plans for this year's garden. It was going to be creatively designed. It was going to be as visually stunning as it would be a potager or English kitchen garden. I was going to build a pyramid trellis for the cucumbers and was going to do something more attractive than sticking a bamboo pole in the ground for the tomatoes.

But then the reality of pregnancy set in: the inability to bend over, the achy back, the, the general fatigue, etc. Oh, and having the garden being in the middle of a construction zone during the cooler weather didn't help either. I still think the garden looks nice but it's a far cry from the patchwork of swiss chard I had in my head. It's OK, though. Gardening is about striving for perfection each year and never quite reaching it. After all, Mother Nature really does it best.

Instead, I will rejoice in starting everything from seed this year, growing vegetables I've never done before and still going out in the heat & humidity this late in pregnancy. By the time I get my first tomato, I'll probably be a mom!

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