Sunday, May 22, 2011

May Local Eating Challenge: Week 4

We're nearing the home stretch!  To be honest, the lack (and expensive) of onions and garlic has been what is killing me.  I was so thrilled to see both garlic scapes *and* garlic at the farmer's market that I bought both in some sort of garlic-induced frenzy.  Then, of course, I forgot to buy onions (mine are still quite small).  I also long for some of my pantry meals that mostly rely on frozen vegetables, so there's none of this washing, chopping, and cleaning a cutting board business.  It's been a very busy month for me and being able to pull something out of the pantry or freeze would be so welcomed right now.  Just another week!

Review of last week:
Well, I didn't burn my lunch, so that was a plus.  I'm really getting sick of washing greens though.  All that damn pollen from maples and oaks and other trees gets lodged and stuck to the leaves.  So time consuming!

Week 4:
As I've already mentioned, garlic had arrived!  I'm so excited.  I feel kinda exhausted from all the meal planning lately, though.  I just want to go on autopilot a bit and buy some frozen corn and canned tomatoes for chili which we can eat off of for days & days & days.  But I will resist.

I spent $45 at the grocery store & $50 at the farmer's market.  Note, however, that $10 of the grocery store trip was in arborio rice because the bulk bin lever let the rice flow faster than usual.

Here's what I did get at the market: bacon, tongue, pork shoulder, lots of apples, garlic scapes (!), garlic (!!!), 2 bunches of asparagus, tunips, & 2 broccoli crowns.

Meal plan:

My lunch: Kohlrabi pasta (kohlrabi from the garden, garlic scapes)

My husband's lunch: Tongue braised with turnips (tongue, turnips, garlic and some stock made from the carcass of the chicken I bought a few weeks ago).

Saturday: We ate leftovers

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: BBQ Pork with Kohlrabi & Apple slaw (pork shoulder, kohlrabi from the garden, apples.  Also served with baked beans)

Wednesday, Thursday: Vegetable Risotto (asparagus, broccoli, bacon and e more stock from the farmer's market chicken)

Friday: either leftovers or hummus flatbread sandwiches (with salad from the garden)

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