Sunday, May 1, 2011

Local Eating Challenge: The May Edition

It's that time again when my family only consumes local fruit, vegetables and meat.  As you may recall back in October of last year, I had my first go at it and set up the rules of my game.  Overall, I didn't feel like I was ultimately spending more money on food (and, in fact, I was eating more fruits/veggies, less junk). I kept up with the local eating or at least seasonal eating as much as possible until the winter really set in.  Then I turned to frozen vegetables a lot. My life was getting busier as the baby got more active and my classes started getting more time consuming.  Convience became key.  I didn't revert to eating processed foods all the time, but I became less focused on where my fruits and vegetables came from.  However, I am proud that we've continued to buy organic (albeit non-local) dairy and, aside from chicken, our meat has mostly been local too.

Back when I started this challenge, I was convinced that by the time May hit, we've have something other than greens to eat. And, I was right.  There are greens, potatoes *and* onions at the farmer's market!  Hahahahahaha.  I suppose there are also tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, but those must be greenhouse or cold frame grown, so not exactly "in season" as I personally define it.  Damn me & my principles!! But, it's OK.  Greens we shall eat.  They are good for us, at least.

Here's what I bought at the market (total cost: $41.50):

3 apples & 2 asian pears (not shown), 2 bunches of spring onions, 1 bunch of young onions, broccoli, buffalo chorizo, bacon, 1 pint of new potatoes, a block of cheddar

And, I'll be using arugula, mustard & kohlrabi from my garden to supplement. I didn't really buy anything other than ricotta, yogurt for Sprouter, and pizza dough at the grocery store this week; our pantry is pretty stocked.

Here's the meal plan:

My lunch: Chorizo, greens & bean soup (I'll use most of the chorizo, onions and some garden greens)

My husband's lunch: Beef tongue braise with rice (He'll use some onions. We got the tongue from the market a few weeks ago)

Breakfast: Oatmeal with apples

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: White & Greens Pizza (I'll use some of the cheddar with some store-bought ricotta and make different pizzas using 1 link of the chorizo, the broccoli and arugula.)

Wednesday, Thursday: Frittata (I'll use the new potatoes and some greens.  We'll also have a salad)

Friday: Take out night! (aka, I'm tired of cooking)

Snacks: Asian pears, salad

Note: The baby just eats what we do at this point, so he'll be having what we're eating this week.

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