Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Local Eating Challenge: Week 3

Review of last week:
I totally burned my dal.  Like, so bad we had to throw the pan out because there was just no way to recover it.  Given no farmer's markets on Monday (at least near me) and my overall lack of time, take out it was.  I ordered a week's worth of steamed chicken & vegetables from the Chinese restaurant down the street.  I'm kind of angry that I wasted some home-grown kohlrabi and even angrier that I ruined a pan.  So, my lunch wasn't very "local" unless you count supporting a local business. :)  Otherwise, we basically followed the plan.

Week 3:
Egads, this week has been Insane.  The capital "I" is intentional.  Between work and final projects and having houseguests, I have no idea how much I've spent at the grocery store or farmer's market.  All I know is that I bought a bunch of food, usually forgetting what I actually needed.

But, overall, I'm more excited about what I'm seeing at the farmer's markets.  Strawberries!  Baby zucchinis!  Yum.

So, I don't have any pictures of the haul this week (forgive me!) but I can remember almost everything I bought: 5 onions, 1 bunch of scallions, 1 basket of baby zucchinis, 1 quart of strawberries, 2 bunches of asparagus, whole chicken, ground beef, pork roast, apples, 3 bok choi heads, lots of broccoli crowns, and 1 bunch of tiny carrots.

Meal plan for the week:

My lunch: Lentil Salad with Tomatoes and Goat Cheese (minus cukes) (local tomatoes from grocery, herbs from garden)

Husband's lunch: Ricotta Pasta with Sauteed Greens, Mushrooms and Bacon (local mushrooms from grocery stores, greens from the garden, bacon from farmer's market)

Saturday: Date night out!

Sunday: Moosewood's Chili Burgers, roasted vegetables & oven fries (baby zukes, asparagus, carrots, onion and --leftover from last week-- potatoes from the farmer's market, lettuce from the garden)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Chicken Mole Enchiladas with salad (chicken from farmer's market, lettuce from garden)

Thursday, Friday: Cashew Stir-Fry with Rice (bok choi, scallions, broccoli from the farmer's market)

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