Friday, May 20, 2011

Garden Planted!

Well, mostly planted.  As of Mother's Day weekend.  Which was awhile ago.

Thing are lookin' fierce right now.  The kohlrabi really needs to be harvested and the beans are no longer laying on the ground.  Also, the potatoes I planted wrong (apparently no piece should be under like an ounce or two.  I cut them in much smaller pieces.  Oops) are looking like they should.  I direct sowed some winter squash (delicata) and slugs have taken down teh seedlings so I need to replant that.  And finish harvesting the Deer Tongue Lettuce that spilled in the tomato/nightshade bed so that I can finish planting peppers and eggplant.

Ground cherries, tomatoes & mushrooms from all this rain!

Onions, kohlrabi & potatoes are dwarfing my carrot seedlings.

Squash & cukes...still babies.
How's your garden growing?

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