Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lots of Basil (and More Beans!)

I really need to get better at using the garden produce.  It always comes as a surprise to me when something needs to be used & it really shouldn't be.  I vow from this point forward to take stock in what will likely be ready to harvest *before* I go grocery shopping and meal plan accordingly!

The big disappointment is my onions.  I think it's a little too shady for them & I planted them too close.  They haven't really bulbed much and the leaves are dying back.  The same story with my garlic!  Alliums, what's with the hate?!?

Luckily, I have basil, beans & cucumbers to cheer me up!  My cukes are taking over despite having a 6' tall trellis.  There are probably a dozen or more baby cukes just on the tee-pee trellis.  Pickles here I come!  The beans are also doing well.  I can't believe how much they produce.  Of course, the lettuce & Swiss chard makes it hard to find them which means they are often a little too mature (but still edible).  Oh, well.

The real hero, though, is basil.  Good gracious, the basil!  It was like 2' tall and definitely time to do a hard harvest (taking 2/3 of the plant).  It ended up being over 10oz!  I'm freezing most of it for winter use as there's no way we could eat that much basil in a few days (I need a break from pesto).

Totals for the past week are:
Basil 10.75oz
Cukes 4oz (not all pictured)
Beans 7.25 oz (not all pictured)
Onions 7.5 oz (not pictured)
Lettuce 2 lbs (!!! and there's still more...not pictured)
Kohlrabi 3 lb (this is all of it. not pictured)

Grand total for the year: 37.55

Not too shabby!


  1. I love reading your blog! This is year 2 for our garden and the first successful year with cucumbers--except I think I am leaving them a little too long because the squirrels keep getting them. Same with the zucchini : ( We do have an over abundance of basil and would love to hear more about freezing...are you doing that whole or in pesto form?

  2. Thank you for your kind words!

    Ultimately, I will freeze both pesto & leaves, but right now I'm just doing basil leaves. Essentially, I clean & chop the basil, stuff it into our muffin tin (because this holds 1/4c & that's how much we generally use for recipes), just cover the basil with water & then freeze. Once it's frozen, I pop them out & place in a (labelled!) zip-top freezer bag. They work great popping into soups or sauces. I don't think it would be good to make pesto from frozen basil, though.

    Incidentally, you can do this with any herbaceous...well...herb. Parsley, cilantro work too.