Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garden & Harvest Update

The garden is looking awesome right now.  The cukes and pole beans are filling up their trellises, the lettuce hasn't bolted yet and the tomatoes seem to be growing a foot a week.  Oh, and the zucchinis!  The zucchinis!  I think at least 1 plant is going to need to go.  I planted a bunch b/c I didn't label & I was concerned one could have been a winter squash.  I'm just one person...that can't eat the output of 5 zucchini plants.

Also exciting?  I realized that some green beans need harvesting.  So I picked.  And picked.  And pickled.  Over a pound!  There were also 2 cucumbers (weighing over 5 oz total).  This brings my harvest this year to over 30 lbs.

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