Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Interesting Vegetable Garden Design Site

This time last year I was all excited about my garden. Now? It's taking a bit more effort to muster up primarily because this year spring seems so very VERY VERY far away. Like, impossibly far away.

But I have my moments when I forget about how cold it is outside (still) or how many feet of snow are covering my garden (still). I have moments where I lust after a crisp, just-picked salad, the smell of basil (oh my, how I miss the smell of basil!) or a handful of Sungolds still warm from the sun.

Le sigh.

However, this vegetable garden planning site is interesting enough to briefly bring me out of my funk. It's got different garden layouts which may give any novices out there some new ideas. I find the "Plant it & Forget it" garden a little bit hilarious in that I don't see how anyone could "forget" about fresh tomatoes! Although, that is an alarming number of beets (I detest them)!

Thus far, I have not followed my planting schedule for this year. I find it really hard to believe I'll be able to see my garden by March 2nd much less have nice thawed ground by March 11th.

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  1. I have been cruising garden websites these last couple of days as well. The four feet of snow still on the ground here in SD is making spring look so far, far away.

    And my very last acorn squash wants to be eaten, but I just - well - I just can't do it. It's the last thing I have left.