Monday, November 9, 2009

Recipe: Portuguese Kale & Potato Soup

My typical way to make dark, leafy greens to to braise them and finish them off with a dash of cider vinegar, hot sauce and sugar. But, when I found myself with some kale (sadly, not from my garden. At least, not yet) and potatoes, I was looking for a more complete meal that would use both. Enter the wonder of and their Portuguese Kale & Potato Soup. I followed their directions exactly, so no need to copy the recipe here, just visit the link. But, I do have some observations:

-You need to use the cured chorizo (think salami) not the fresh one (like italian sausage).
-This soup is good the first day, but it's fantastic the second.
-On the second day, it was a bit saltier than on the first. So, add any additional salt needed to individual bowls on the first day and not the whole pot.
-Potatoes don't freeze well. If you want to ultimately freeze this soup, omit the russets and use garbanzos (or other favorite bean) instead of red potatoes.

This was quite a delicious way to consume your kale! We had some rosemary crackers & they went very well with the soup (if you are the sort that likes to dunk something in your soup...)


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