Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Talk to me," says the Tomato

We all know I get too emotionally attached to my plants. I've been known to mourn their death. Curiously, however, I don't really talk to them. Perhaps b/c they don't really talk back. In fact, they just kind of stand there unresponsive. It's totally rude, but they give me food, so I forgive.

Prince Charles, however, begs to differ. The British Royal Horticultural Society is doing a study to see if tomatoes grow better if you talk to them. But, since this is the UK, no mindless American-style convo can do. No sir! The tomatoes must get Shakespeare streamed via an MP3 player attached to their pots. A delicious tomato must be cultured, literally.

Folks, I'm not kidding! Promise!

I'm attempting to reserve judgement until the study's findings are revealed. But, until then, I have allowed myself a little giggle.

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  1. I suppose it has to be Shakespeare read with a British accent...