Friday, June 19, 2009

Fall Seeds: Buy Now

Last year was my first year gardening & I attempted to do a fall crop in the ground. It was probably in August when I decided to do this & went to the nursery & big box stores for seeds. And, the selection was SPARSE. I had thought that seeds were like fashion: the ones for the appropriate season would come out at the end of the preceding season.


I had failed to grasp that many fall crops can also be grown in spring. Thus, "fall" seeds would be start being sold in January. I also underestimated the level of planning most gardeners undertake. Thus, this year I've learned from my mistakes and have just bought the seeds I want for the fall, now! I was trying to wait until the seeds went on sale, but I just couldn't hold out any longer. Here is what I hope to be eating in November:

French breakfast radish
Early purple Vienna kohlrabi
Chancellor kohlrabi
Florida broadleaf mustard
Kaleidoscope carrot mix
Touchon carrot
Red Russian kale
Purple top white globe turnip

...and whatever else comes my way!

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