Sunday, June 21, 2009

Propagating Mint

I am dangerous. Seriously. I walk on the wild (gardening) side, throwing caution to the wind! I'm a rebel, baby! Let's just say I'm sooooooo dangerous, I planted chocolate mint in the ground. Without a pot. Without any sort of barrier what so ever.

See, I told you: Dangerous.*

I did, however, take out some "insurance," if you will. I planted the chocolate mint (smells like peppermint patties! Swoon!) in a location that gets a good deal of shade. This, I figured, should slow the mint down.

I was right. Too right, in fact.

My visions of making gallons of chocolate mint iced tea this summer were being dashed by it's slow growth. So, I did whatever any gardener with a frugal side would do: propagate more plants via cuttings. Here is what you do:

  1. Clip off a 5in or so piece of mint (this also works for other types of mint).
  2. Strip off the leaves on the bottom half.
  3. Stick into water.
  4. Change water every 3 days or so.
...and, here's what you get:

In the cup. Roots are coming from where the leaves I stripped off were. Even above the water line.

After 7 days, these are the roots my mint grew! This is a perfect project for anyone impatient, like myself.

Now these cuttings are ready to be planted. I'm going to put these 3 new plants into a pot & place in a sunny location. I may be dangerous, but I've not completely lost my mind!!!

Note that this method of propagation is the same as I did with ivy.

*In case you didn't know, mint can be highly invasive. I can completely take over a bed. Resulting in constantly cutting it back & weeding.


  1. wow what a great trick to replant the mint! thanks for that:) I planted mint a few weekends ago, lol dangerously:) in the ground and it has taken off (and taken over!) I have lavender next to it, I hope the mint won't hinder it? well, thanks again for the info! cool pics!

  2. Hello there dangerous gardener! I have a similar experience with my Chocolate Mint (although I seriously get it mixed up with my Japanese Mint). Your roots are a lot more developed though. I think I planted mine after about three days since the cutting grew roots. I'm crazy and more impatient. ;-)

    I can't wait until it takes over the garden. I hope the air smells like mint. That will be cool.