Sunday, February 8, 2009

What I'm Reading

The promise of spring has started; today was 67*F and sunny, ie unseasonably warm and lovely. This means that I'm starting to dream about planting gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, picking tulips, and enjoying longer, warmer days.

But, since most of that is, um, 2-4 months away, I'm just left with reading about all the hard work ahead and all the potential rewards!

I am a novice gardener. When I was 3 I apparently had my own cherry tomato plant that I tended. Last year we (Mr. Radish & I) moved into our first house & I was able to produce a few tomatoes & herbs. Other than that and managing to keep shade-loving, drought resistant houseplants alive, I have no other significant tending-the-earth experience. I do, however, have a desire to know where my food comes from and how, exactly, it's grown. So this is where I start my journey. And, since I'm a bit Type-A and bookish, this starts with reading, namely:

You Grow Girl : The book has good, basic information and fun/fabulous craft projects. I'm especially loving the chalkboard clay pots. Brilliant!

Rodale's Garden Answers: Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs : A novice gardener's must-have book! It includes everything from germination to seasonal care to harvesting to common pests (and how to deal with those). Basically, everything you need to know. In one book.

Virginia Gardener's Companion : To get background information on gardening in my area.

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