Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012: The Year of the Early Spring

Let's just pretend that I haven't been missing in action for 6 months.  I  know we've all had periods of insanity that allow push you into survival mode.  While I can't promise that won't happen again, I can talk about my 2012 garden which I've already started.

That's right folks: Already started.

In fact, I've even direct sowed some lettuce and mache/corn salad outside.  I figure, seed is cheap, and with this warm winter, I'm just wasting time and space if the garden isn't planted.  I sowed that seed on Wednesday and there aren't any sprouts yet.  It might be too cold still but it's worth a shot.

I've also started some kale and perennials indoors. Kale does OK in colder temps, so I'm going to put that out as soon as it's ready and I've got a bunch of ornamental planting to get done on a very small budget so starting perennials from seed will help that stretch a little.

Usually I've already agonized over my planting plan, figured out how many of each veggie I need to grow, and artfully arrange them as to maximize form and function.  This year, I'm going to fly by the seat of my pants.  Mrs. OCD is going to go with the flow.  It's going to be insanity itself. The truth is I rarely follow my planting plan anyways. I always find another packet of seeds that I simply must use which throws everything off.  This year, I'm going to embrace my natural tendencies and see where it takes me.

If you're seed starting for the first time & are a bit nervous, feel free to visit my previous posts on the subject.  And, if you need a planting/seed starting guide for your edibles, I'm a big fan of the one created by the blogger at Skippy's Vegetable Garden.  Just plug in your last frost dates; I use 4/15 for spring crops & 5/15 for summer ones usually.


  1. Hooray, you're back! It IS a weird winter. No complaints, though. I'll take 60 degree days in January anytime. Curious what you're growing this year?

  2. LOL, that's going to be the next post. However, (spoiler alert!) I'll be replanting a lot of what I did last year:

    except the eggplant (never does well for me), Swiss chard (I've decided I don't really like it) and sweet peppers (spicy are far more useful for us!).