Sunday, November 21, 2010

File This Under Things I Don't Understand: National Arboretum to Cut Down Azaleas

As reported by WashingtonGardener magazine:

If you've never been, take my word for it that the azalea collection is stunning in bloom.  Stunning.  And, honestly, seeing car loads of people flocking to the National Arboretum is a rare thing (I've been there almost every Saturday for a year taking classes.  The parking lots are rarely full.).  Plus, in this day & age how many people do you know that take precious weekend time to go out and look at plants?  I've seen kids there romping around, excitingly calling out the different colors as well as more elderly folks searching for their favorite.

Consider contacting the people listed at the bottom of the article to save the azaleas.  The collection really is a national treasure!

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  1. Good morning, Radish,
    As a result of your post, I contacted Tom Johnson at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in Charleston, SC this morning. He said the tentative plan is take about 8,000 cuttings and move them to Charleston and eventually to other botanical gardens. He is still trying to get the word out about the azaleas.