Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Harvest Update: Final Edition?

I left in a few pepper plants, our basil and the Sungold tomatoes and pulled everything else up a while back.  We've pretty much neglected the garden since then as I was preoccupied by other projects, the baby and schoolwork.  With the first frost looming, I decided to throw in the towel and harvest what was left.

Have you ever seen over a pound  of hot peppers (1 lb 3 oz to be exact)?

Well now you have!  I'm not entirely sure what we're going to do with them.  At the moment, I'm a bit overwhelmed with getting the herb garden ready and garlic planted.  Thus, we're just going to freeze them whole & decide what to do with them later.  I hope to try to make a hot sauce.

We also got 2.5oz of basil (most of that was Thai basil) and 6.25oz of green cherry tomatoes.  I'm going to just freeze the basil to use over the winter and try pickling the green cherry tomatoes.

Weeks & weeks ago I planted mustard greens but the squirrels set to work digging in my pots and now something is eating them.  Since the pots are close to the house, I'm hoping that they'll get some reflected heat and grow a bit more.  As it stands, there wouldn't be much there.  So, this might be my last harvest of the season.


  1. The October Can Jam was chile peppers! Tigress should be posting her round-up sometime tomorrow if you're interested over at tigressinapickle.blogspot.com or at tigressinajam.blogspot.com. You might be able to find something to do with your pound of peppers!

  2. Here it is...