Monday, September 6, 2010

RIP 2010 Garden

I'm leaving the hot peppers and the zucchini, but the rest of this year's garden is headed for the compost pile or the trash bin (I never compost tomatoes or anything that looks like it might have disease/fungus). The tomatoes look terrible, the eggplant have struggled all season and the cucumbers are dying back.

Onward to next year! In the next month or so we're going to redo our garden beds. They are too wide* and, after our construction, they don't fit the shape of yard anymore. We're going to basically have 2 beds: one 2 ft x by 33 ft (it's against a fence) and one 3 ft by 21 ft (I can walk on both sides). We'll have 3 ft walkways which is what we have now & it seems to work out well.

I'll do a thorough recap post to detail what worked & didn't work for me this year. What has been the star (or dud!) of your 2010 garden?

*Note to others: If you're doing a Square Foot Garden, Mel knows what he's talking about when he says making beds only 2 feet wide if you can't walk on both sides. My rebellion to make them 3 ft deep was not a good idea.

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  1. My green peppers wilted in the ground because it was so wet this spring. My cabbage was gracefully given to the rabbit gods in exchange for leaving the rest of it alone. The star of the show so far as been the cherry 100s and the lemon boy.