Saturday, July 10, 2010

Harvest Update & How Pregnancy is Like Growing Tomatoes

Those of you that grow tomatoes know the infamous "When Are My Green Tomatoes Going to Turn" feeling. It feels like it takes forever and ever. And, then, HOORAY!, you spy a luscious red tomato. You are so excited and pick it. And then you realize some critter has taken a huge bite out of it. Bastard.

Yeah, pregnancy can be like that too. According to Google, previously knocked-up friends and my doctor I've been exhibiting labor symptom for the past week. With every little cramp feeling I'm like "Oh! This is IT!" only for it to stop and the waiting, Waiting, WAITING to continue.

Thus, the lack of posts this past week has been due to me being wholly consumed with waiting! :) Cross your fingers that the Sprout decides to ripen...soon.

Last night while doing some garden chores I discovered not one, but TWO of my bigger, red tomatoes had chipmunk tastes taken out of them. It's time to protect them, methinks. However, I also discovered a nice-sized zucchini which was a lovely surprise.

Here's the haul (Notice I picked one of the tomatoes slightly green as to get to it before the vermin. It's sad to think I would have 4 tomatoes if it wasn't for critters!):

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