Thursday, March 4, 2010

Someone Call the Waaaaaahhhh-mbulance.

The good news is that some much needed home improvements and repairs will get underway in approximately 3 weeks. The bad news is that I'll need to move the herb garden & refrain from planting the other beds until it's all over.


I'm incredibly disappointed. This year I actually came up with a plan for spring vegetables & now I can't use it. Plus, I've already started some seeds for it! I guess I'll just need to buy some pots to grow what I was planning and put those in the front yard (the only other place that gets any sun).

I suppose this does solve my squirrel problem, though, as they don't seem to like pots as much as they like my beds. It will mean no raspberry planting this year (the pots are going where they would go) and fewer plants in general. I'll cover the raised beds with tarps most likely so that any nastiness (paint chips, concrete, whatever) doesn't get into my soil.

I guess it was very auspicious that I purchased Grow Great Grub, though. I'll be using a lot of her container gardening tips this spring!

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