Saturday, October 24, 2009

2010 Garden Plan

Thanks to all the commenters helping me decide how many of each new-to-my-garden vegetable to plant! I think I've come up with a preliminary plan which will probably be tweaked over the winter. Here's what I've got so far:

So.many.colors. Anyways, here's what it amounts to-
Clematis- 1
Tomatoes- 6
Sweet peppers- 3
Cucumbers- 4 (2 specialty kind; 2 slicing or pickling kind)
Swiss chard- 24
Marigolds- 24
Summer squash- 2
Arugula- 3 square feet
Onions- 16
Radish- 16
Garlic- 24
Blueberries- 2 (thinking about buying a 3rd that is bearing fruit. Mine are still a few years off from that)
Dahlias- 4
Mustard- 12
Strawberry- lots

...and then herbs (most of which are already in place).

I'm trying to make my garden look more French potager than Virginia farm (if only I could afford boxwoods to surround it!). Next spring and summer will be the true test.

I looking forward to researching these vegetables further this winter (stay tuned to more All About posts...)


  1. Just a thought ... you could use some of the herbs you're already including for edging instead of boxwood. Lavendar & rosemary are evergreen and could be kept clipped, and parsley works well, too. At least here, it does last through the winter, though it's biennial so it still needs to be re-planted in the spring ... it fooled me the first time, I thought 'cool, I didn't know parsley was perennial!' So I didn't start any, and ended up without any when it all went to seed in the spring. Lol

  2. I may eventually do that; that is a very good idea. I'm not terribly pleased with how I designed my raised beds. They are too deep, for one thing. They are made out of untreated wood so the upside is that they will rot out in a few years & I have a great excuse to start over!

    For the next iteration, I'm thinking about doing concentric chevrons and placing something decorative in the middle. Utlimately, it is that garden design I would like to surround with a hedge.

    Ah, garden dreams!